Ildong Pharmaceutical, exclusive sale of Sang-A Frontec safety syringe

Improving safety and convenience by preventing stabbing and blocking reuse

Ildong Pharmaceutical (CEO Yun Paul Woongsup) recently announced that it has partnered with Sang-A Frontec (CEO Lee Sang-won) and exclusively sells 'Green Medi Super Safety Syringe'.

Green Medi safety syringe is a disposable sterile safety syringe (medical device).

According to Ildong Pharmaceutical, After use, let the needle (syringe) completely into the cylinder (syringe body), Designed to bend and dispose of the piston (syringe pusher) Prevention of safety accidents such as stabbing, of course, There was no opportunity for reuse.

It is also an all-in-one type product that does not add a separate part, such as a cover for use or disposal, so it is easy to operate and has less risk.

Ildong Pharmaceutical emphasized, "Green Medi Safety Syringe is designed to reflect the safety syringe standards of the US Food and Drug Administration and Occupational Safety and Hygiene Bureau based on the user's hand and needle isolation, prevention of reuse, and simple and easy handling."

Ildong Pharmaceutical plans to carry out extensive publicity activities related to preventing needle safety accidents, prohibiting the reuse of syringes, and applying insurance benefits to hospitals and clinics nationwide.